Zoho Finance Automation

Money In. Money Out. 
Ways to lessen the load.

Money In

Money In

Money Out

Money Out

Sales Invoices

  • Convert Sales Orders into Invoices
  • Utilize Recurring Invoices or clone existing ones.
  • Do Invoices in CRM
  • Share Items with Inventory
  • Track Billable Hours in Projects.


  • Integrate Payment Gateway to streamline receivables
  • Use ACH in Zoho Books
  • Have Customers use Self-Service Portal
  • Minimize Checks

Vendor Bills

  • Turn Sales Orders into Purchase Orders
  • Automate vendor bill PDFs using document scanning
  • Use Recurring Bills
  • Autopay Bills with ACH or Credit Cards
  • Eliminate Paper Checks


  • Use Bulk Expenses Feature
  • Do Recurring Expenses
  • Have staff use Zoho Expense on their smartphones which eliminates rework
  • Easily match expenses to bank feed.

Automate. Integrate. Report.

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